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September 29, 2017

Atticus Records Pledges Album & Single Sales To Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

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Rick Busby

Atticus Records has partnered with recording artists Stephen Doster and Rick Busby in their efforts to raise money to support Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Both Doster and Busby have agreed to pledge half of all their album sales, and 100% of digital download singles sales of specially selected songs from their respective new albums to relief efforts in Houston and Beaumont.

Doster’s new album, New Black Suit, hit the streets in August and has already garnered national praise with four different songs from the album being given exclusive previews from four different music media outlets. One of the songs receiving national notice is “Something Good” and Doster has pledged 100% of its digital download singles sales to support Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. In addition, 50% of all CD, vinyl and digital album sales of Doster’s entire back catalog, including previous solo efforts Arizona and Rosebud, are also pledged to the relief efforts.

Likewise, Rick Busby has pledged 100% of the digital download single sales of the song “Connected” from his upcoming album release, The Soul Of Everything. Written by Steve Callif, “Connected” is the closing track on the new album, and is a great choice to dedicate to Hurricane Harvey Relief. Upon its release later this year, 50% of sales from The Soul Of Everything  album will also be pledged to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, as well as CD, vinyl and digital album sales of his back catalog, which includes Strawberry Moon and Soul Diving.

We invite you to help Atticus RecordsStephen Doster and Rick Busby heal some of the many lives that were devastated by Hurricane Harvey. This is personal for Atticus Records, because many of the musicians and supporters that have been integral in bringing Atticus Records to life were among those who lost their homes and possessions. This is why we are pledging our long term support to Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts.

At Atticus Records, we believe that music should be good for something besides just listening pleasure. Using our music to help raise money for relief efforts is one of the ways we put our mission statement into action. It will take years before full recovery from Hurricane Harvey is achieved. It will also take a lot of small gestures by a lot of people over the long haul to get it all done.

Buying music that brings you personal pleasure, while also contributing to hurricane relief efforts, is one of the small actions that you can take today to make a difference. Each little step, each small gesture keeps us moving the ball forward. That is how recovery will ultimately be achieved. We hope you will join our efforts and let others know about it as well.

Visit the Atticus Records Store right now and help us bring relief to those who have been devastated by Hurricane Harvey.


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