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Rick Busby – Soul Diving Digital Download

Digital Download of Rick Busby’s Soul Diving

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Released in 2003, Rick Busby’s debut album, Soul Diving, features 12 original songs lyrically exploring themes of personal awakening and transformation. Set against an eclectic sonic palette, expertly produced by Austin-based producer Mark Addison, Soul Diving establishes an unique musical identity for each track and never overtly reveals its musical influences. From the tight, drum-driven groove that opens the album and title track “Soul Diving” to the acoustic guitar and vocal fade out of “One Thing Remains” that closes the album, Soul Diving offers the listener an aural, inner journey of one man’s self-discovery, disclosure, release and transformation. In his cosmology, Busby believes the power of love will not only transform one’s own life, it will also heal everything that ails the human condition. By the end of the song cycle, Busby is not so much healed as he is aware of the need to release anything and everything that stands as a block to the awareness of the presence of love. He may not be healed, but he knows what will get him there and Soul Diving, as an introductory artistic statement, reveals that he is committed to the process and clearly focused on what it will take to get him where he is going. For listeners who like being inspired while being musically entertained, Soul Diving could become like a favorite travel companion in the journey of life.

Track Listing

  1. A Chance in Heaven
  2. Lilia
  3. Never Be the One
  4. Detroit Rain
  5. Home Back to You
  6. Strawberry Moon
  7. Carefree Highway
  8. Old Soul
  9. Like a Dove
  10. I’ve Been Lifted Up

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