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About Atticus Records

Atticus Records is one of two Austin-based record labels owned by DBM Entertainment, LLC. Atticus develops, curates and manages musical projects from pre-production through recording, mixing and mastering, until the final product is in hand. In addition to its turn key record production services, Atticus also provides the creative services support to its artists after the record is in hand, including web development, social marketing and branding services. Both Atticus and its sister label Private Angel are open to projects from an eclectic range of genres, but with slightly different focuses.

Atticus was established in 2014, as a result of the formation of DBM Entertainment, LLC and its venture with Private Angel Records, which first started taking shape in late 2011 when Stephen Doster was producing Rick Busby’s Strawberry Moon at EAR Studios in Austin. Entrepreneur Monte McWilliams who was Executive Producing Strawberry Moon and was so impressed by the results, that he suggested the formation of what would become DBM Entertainment and ultimately Atticus Records.

Immediately after DBM and Atticus were founded in early 2014, Doster headed to EAR Studios again to record his new album, Arizona, which would become the maiden release for Atticus Records by year’s end. After a late fall UK-Scotland co-headlining tour with Private Angel Records’ artist Bob Cheevers, rave reviews for Arizona began coming in ahead of the early 2015 US promotion, which helped get the record and Atticus Records off to a great start in 2015.

Atticus Records is currently reviewing potential projects to follow up Arizona and is open to projects with working artists who have a viable business model and need to align with a label for long-term artist development. If you have a project you think is worthy, please send us an email inquiry to the attention of Atticus A&R through our contact page, and we will be in touch to discuss it with you.

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