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Stephen Doster & Will Sexton – Impossible Sun Digital Download

Digital Download of Stephen Doster & Will Sexton’s Impossible Sun

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Performed by Will Sexton and Stephen Doster (Lead Vocals, harmony vocals, all acoustic and electric guitars, bass); J. J. Johnson (drums); Brian Standerfer (cello); Bukka Allen (Wurlitzer, organ, harmonium); Pamela Miller (additional harmony vocals); James Stevens (additional harmony vocals, tamborine).

“Stephen Doster and Will Sexton, who’ve been gigging together around town for quite some time, have finally released a snapshot of their work together, Impossible Sun. As a duo, they bring out the best in each other – Doster’s songs his most pleasing ever, and Sexton’s eccentricities kept to a minimum. The subtly shining title track, written by Doster, and Sexton’s sly and soulful “Every Bit of It” stand out on an album that grows better with each listen.” – Jim Caligiuri (Austin Chronicle)

Track Listing

  1. Temporary Feelings
  2. Until Our Last Goodbye
  3. Impossible Sun
  4. Think About the Good Things
  5. Putnam County Blues
  6. The Many Contradictions of Love
  7. Goodbye Yesterday
  8. Every Bit of It
  9. Even If We Say Goodbye
  10. Tornado Alley

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